Honor Guard

The Western Pennsylvania EMS Honor Guard is comprised of EMS Providers from throughout the 16 counties of the EMS West region. The Honor Guard’s primary mission is to represent Emergency Medical Services at public and official ceremonies within the region. Ceremonies include funerals for deceased EMS Providers, Public EMS Events, Parades and The Pennsylvania EMS Memorial Service. The EMS Honor Guard falls under the regiment of Co-Commanders who work as liaisons between the host agency and the Honor Guard members to evaluate, plan and implement appropriate recognition and presentations.

The Western Pennsylvania EMS Honor Guard has adopted standardized protocols to guide local EMS Agencies in determining the type of Memorial Service that may be appropriate upon the passing of an active or retired EMS Provider. These protocols have been adaptive from The National EMS Memorial Service and are recognized nationally for Line of Duty Death and Non-Line of Duty Death Memorials.

Utilize the link below to request a consult with the Honor Guard Commanders for an EMS Funeral Detail or an EMS Line of Duty Death Notification.

EMS Providers within the EMS West Region are welcomed and encourage to participate with the Western Pennsylvania EMS Honor Guard. Click on the join button below to receive additional details on participation.

Line of Duty Death

Funeral Detail Request

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