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Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of EMS

The Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of EMS develops and maintains the EMS Registry System.  This system contains and tracks all data associated with EMS Providers, EMS Agencies, EMS Training Institutes, EMS Certification Classes and EMS Continuing Education Courses. 

The Department of Health is the lead agency for emergency medical services in the commonwealth.  The Department’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the statewide development and coordination of a comprehensive system.  The Bureau of EMS develops and maintains all regulations, protocols, scope of practice, training and continuing education requirements for EMS Providers and EMS Agencies.

The Bureau of EMS communicates pertinent information regarding standards, regulations or just in time training through the issuance of EMS Information Bulletins (EMSIB’s).  A complete listing on the Bureau of EMS website can be found below.

Pennsylvania EMS Providers have been functioning under statewide protocols since September 1, 2004.  Protocols at all levels are reviewed by the State Medical Advisory Committee on an annual basis.  You may view and download copy of the current protocols below.

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